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10 Ways to Show You're New to Orchids

  1. Your orchids' leaves always shrivel up, even though you water them every day
  2. Ask for a seed packet
  3. Confuse Sphagnum moss and Spanish moss
  4. Cut off those ugly gray snakey things coming through your Spanish moss
  5. Ask if you should keep your orchid after the flowers fall off
  6. When you copy information from the tag, assume capitalization and punctuation are there to make the tag prettier
  7. Have no idea what mealybugs, scale, spider mites, or fungus gnats are
  8. Water at night into the crown
  9. Expect a quick answer to "What kind of potting mix should I use?"
  10. Assume that the following picture is of an "orchid"
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Last Modified: Mar 31 2005