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Track Packages Using CueCat

The CueCat was a big attempt to track the buying patterns of the public, which went down the drain in 2002. However, it's still useful as a bar code scanner, such as for package tracking.

You can use this with an unmodified CueCat, a modified one, any bar code scaner that works similarly, or even by typing the tracking number in. So far, this page has been tested with UPS. FedEx will require some additional work.

If you are shipping, you can use this to get a URL to pass to your customer. Just scan the label, and then forward the link of the page it goes to.

If you have received a package, and you wonder where it's been to, scan it, and you'll be sent to the shippers tracking page.


If you use an unmodified CueCat with this page, the serial number will be ignored, so you don't have to worry if it was registered at a previous time.

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Last Modified: Apr 14 2005